Thanks first of all in taking interest in me and comming on this page!

Well, My name is Rhym and I love to play Video Games! Can call me a typical gamer!

I love to stream and play video games on YouTube & Twitch.

I came through this game called Minecraft almost a year back and from then onwards I came to know about OptiFine from one of my friends and later on I installed the OptiFine and..

While Installing I faced a few issues and that’s the reason of creating this blog!

I have mentioned a step by step guide for Installing & Downloading OptiFine in detail on Install OptiFine WordPress based site.

Yes, I thought that people would be helpfull with the content that I published in the site and it seems to be!

If you are looking forward to contact me you can headover to this link – Contact Install OptiFine

Hope you are enjoying this creative game!

Have a nice day ahead!

Thanks for the read!