How Much Do You Have To Donate To Get An Optifine Cape?

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Some Minecraft players do not know how to get an Optifine cape which gives players a sense of uniqueness. It’s the reason you’ll find many posts online looking to get an answer to it.

This post sets the answer right here.

How Much Do You Have To Donate To Get An Optifine Cape In 2022?

You need to donate only $10 for an Optifine cape, and the donation process is straightforward. The payment gateway to donate an Optifine cape is Paymentwall which is safe and supports almost every payment option.

Methods Of Payment For Optifine Cape

Optifine gives you an array of options to settle payment for the $10, and they include PayPal, UKCash, Credit Cards, e-wallets, and others.


Can You Gift An Optifine Cape?

Yes, you can. All you need is to switch it to the account of the beneficiary. The change comes with no cost. You’ll need to provide correct account credentials in the change-over from your account to another.

Do You Have To Pay Monthly For An Optifine Cape?

No, once you donate $10, the cape you get is attached to your account, with no need for more donations.


To get an Optifine cape, you only donate $10 to own or transfer to another user. I hope that I’ve answered your question “How Much Do You Have To Donate To Get An Optifine Cape” and you are satisfied with it. If you still have any doubts regarding the topic, you can ask me in the comments, and I’ll get back to you.

Other than that, if you are entirely new to Optifine and want to know how to install it, here is a detailed guide for you – Step-by-Step Process To Install OptiFine in Minecraft.

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