How Much Does An Optifine Cape Cost? Complete Donation Process

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Minecraft players love the idea of switching things to uniqueness. And one way to excite your unique style is changing your Optifine cape.

Well, you can get a donation from a friend of goodwill. But at a personal level, it all gets down to how much does an Optifine cape costs.

How Much Does An Optifine Cape Cost In 2022?

Optifine Cape only costs $10 of a one-time donation. Optifine Cape will only be visible to people using OptiFine 1.1 B or newer. Choose a cape design, enter your Minecraft username with an email address and donate $10 to activate your Optifine Cape in Minecraft.

Complete Donation Process For Optifine Cape

If it’s your first time, don’t fret. Optifine provides a variety of payment methods to cover every Minecraft layer out there.

Here’s a complete process to donate and get an Optifine Cape in Minecraft.

Pro-Tip: At the heart of Optifine capes is customization to the limits of your preferences. So apart from the standard designs, you can make further tweaks by specifying more preferences via the custom or banner tabs.

Once everything is clear, you can open your Minecraft to see if you have the Optifine cape you paid for. If it’s not instantly there, give it to as long as 20 minutes, and it should be okay.

Pro-Tip: I make a habit of checking my bank balance before starting to make any online payments. It helps just being sure that there are sufficient funds in the account I plan to remit from. 

For Your Information

Optifine capes do not work on every version you have out there. It’s an issue that bugged me for close to a month until I got it right.  Optifine capes will only work on version 1.1 B or anything newer.

In any case, you can always check your versions against the ones on this list here.


Can I Donate Or Gift My Optifine Cape?

Once you have a cape, it’s all yours, and you can donate it to another player. You will be required to authorize the changes by providing the credentials of your account: the username and the correct password.

Can I Change My Optifine Cape Design?

Yes, and that’s how Minecraft becomes even more impressive. It’s that flexibility to tweak your appearance that adds to your unique experience along.

How Long Does It Take For The Optifine Team To Respond To Issues Filed Online?

If you have a burning issue with your Minecraft, do not stay helplessly around. Reach out to fellow players for help, and you should get replies from support within 48 hours of filing a ticket.

How Much Is An Optifine Cape In Pounds?

Optifine cape in pounds is approximately £7.21. To get an Optifine Cape, you need to donate £7.21 as a one-time donation on by entering your Minecraft username and email address.


It will only cost you $10 to get an Optifine cape with the liberty to make specifications while sending over your donation.

Optifine capes are easy to gift or transfer to other players. So you can also donate to get one to transfer to other players. To be sure you’ll get the best out of the donation, ensure you have the newest versions – not earlier than the 1.1 B.

Finally, once you donate, the Optifine cape should reflect the next time you open your Minecraft game. In rare situations, it should update within not more than 20 minutes.

That was it for your query “How Much Does An Optifine Cape Cost?” and I hope that I’ve helped you out. Thank you for the read, and if you still have any queries left regarding the topic, you can drop them down in the comments.

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