How To Add Optifine To A Modpack? Complete Guide

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Optifine is one of the best Minecraft optimization modes. It enables advanced customization and fast performance, realistic graphics, and incredible graphical settings.

Perhaps the most amazing fact is the ability to load shaders along with its support for HD texture.

If you are not able to add optifine into a modpack, this guide will easily help you do it.

How To Add Optifine To A Modpack?

First, you need to download the Optifine file compatible with your game’s version. Secondly, upload the Optifine file in the mod pack’s “mods” subfolder and launch the game. This will help you to add Optifine to any modpack.

Numerous modpack launchers are available out there, and a few of them are pretty famous and most used, for instance – Technic Launcher or Twitch Modpack.

How To Install Optifine For A Modpack?

To use Optifine on Minecraft, you have to download and install it. The following steps are essential:

If you want to download Optifine and you are pretty confused about it, then you can have a look at his detailed guide – (Picture Guide) on How To Install OptiFine in Minecraft?

How To Add Optifine To An Existing Mod Pack?

If you already have a mod pack setup and running on your PC, it is possible to add Optifine to it. The process is quite similar to adding Optifine to Forge; the only difference is that you use your mod pack app to locate the proper folders.

How To Locate Mods Folder To Add Optifine On Any Modpack?

After downloading the Optifine file on your PC, you have to upload that file into the mod pack via the “mods” folder. Now, this step can be different for everyone using different launchers. For instance, the steps to follow for the Technic launcher are different compared to the Twitch Launcher.


You can read a complete guide on Technic Modpack here – How To Add Optifine To A Technic Modpack? (Step-By-Step)





And you are done! After dropping the Optifine’s .jar file into the right place, the mod loads along with your existing mod pack.


Every Minecraft lover should venture into the smooth gaming experience that Optifine offers. You have the option of adding Optifine to an unmodded Minecraft game or adding it to an already existing mod pack.

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