How To Add Optifine To A Technic Modpack? (Step-By-Step)

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If the blocks are looking messed up while playing Minecraft, installing the Optifine Minecraft optimization mod will come in handy. Optifine gives access to advanced HD texture, making the blocks look clearer and much more. Today I’ll be sharing 5 easy steps on how to add Optifine to a Technic Modpack.

Optifine also helps in reducing lag. You can either install Optifine from scratch or decide to add it to an existing mod.

Are you wondering how to add Optifine to a technic mod pack? Well, this article will help you with all that.

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Add Optifine To A Technic Modpack

To add Optifine to a technic mod pack, you must first know the Minecraft version you are running. 

Step 1 – Finding Minecraft Version

Launch your tekxit page; the mod pack displays the Minecraft version that you are running. If not, launch the game to get to the main menu. 

You should see the Minecraft version you are running at the top left-hand corner of your screen during the loading process. Otherwise, when the loading process is complete and you eventually reach the main menu, the version is always displayed on the dark corner on your bottom left-hand side.

After knowing the Minecraft version, close the game and get back to the technic launcher.

Still not getting the version that you are playing? Take the help of the below-mentioned steps to know the version of Minecraft that you are running.

Step 2 – Open The Mods Folder

After knowing the Minecraft version, close the game and get back to the technic launcher.

Click on the “Modpack Options” on the top right corner, then click “Open,” after doing this, the mod pack’s folder opens. Click the mods subfolder.

Let the mods subfolder be open, now get onto a new window and download Optifine.

Step 3 – Download Optifine

Now, download the correct Optifine version that corresponds to your Minecraft version.

If you don’t know how to install Optifine, here is a detailed step-by-step guide for you – How To Install Optifine In Minecraft.

Step 4 – Install Optifine On The Technic Launcher Modpack

Once you have downloaded the same Optifine version on your PC, you have to paste or drop that Optifine .jar file in the mods folder, which we had left open in step 2.

Since we already have Forge and a couple of other mods loaded, all you have to do is drag the Optifine’s .jar file and drop it into the mods subfolder. 

If you find it a bit complicated, then you can have a look at this video.

Step 5 – Playing Technic Launcher Mod Packs With Optifine

After dropping the Optifine file in the modpack folder of the technic launcher, you can now head back to your Technic Launcher and load up the game. This time, after successfully launching, you will see Optifine on the mod section, and of course, going to options and clicking the video settings, you will have access to tones of other options.


Can you add Optifine to an existing mod?

Yes, if you already have a mod pack set up and running, it is a possible, easy, and straightforward process to add Optifine to it. 

Why do I need Optifine If I have an existing mod pack?

Optifine lets the game run much faster and look better, allowing you to customize the performance while giving you access to various graphical settings. Besides, you might need something special, something the existing mod pack does not offer; maybe you want more shaders or FPS.

How to assure that the Optifine Modpack has been installed in my Technic Launcher?

After successfully installing Optifine in modpack, you can launch the game via technic launcher and then go to “Options” then “Video Settings.” Here you can see all the available Optifine options, or you can even identify by noticing the Optifine version on the bottom left.


Even after downloading the Technic Launcher, you might still find the need to install and use Optifine. Maybe you want more shaders and FPS, or you want to install this indispensable Minecraft app. 

It is easy to add Optifine to your existing Technic mod pack with the guidelines in this article.

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