How To Donate To Optifine With PayPal? (Easy)

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The Optifine team accepts donations to support the dev team. If you are looking for a channel to hand in your donation, this post will help you out. Players donate for two reasons: to appreciate the Optifine team or get an Optifine cape or two for yourself or friends. 

How To Donate To Optifine With PayPal? (Step-By-Step)

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to donating to Optifine with PayPal:

  1. Go to and fill up your Minecraft username. (If you want to activate the cape, click on the checkbox.)
  2. Click on the donate button at the left “Paymentwall.”
  3. Enter your donation email address and continue to make the payment of $10.
  4. There will be multiple payment options, including PayPal. 
  5. Continue to make the payment via Paypal, and you are done.

Below is the detailed guide to donating to Optifine with PayPal.

If you are looking up the process on how to donate specifically with PayPal, here are the steps:

  1. Go to the Optifine website via the following link Your target is to locate the Donation page, and this is the direct link to the donation page for Optifine
  1. Once you land on the Donation page, you’ll need to locate a Paymentwall at the bottom left of the page. Since your target is to donate via PayPal, click or select the Payment Wall. Optifine will request your account email/details.
donate for optifine via PayPal
  1. The payment wall will open an array of payment options for you: PayPal, e-Wallets, etc. Ensure you select the PayPal option and proceed to your checkout details.
  2. You’ll receive payment details from Optifine once the transaction clears.

Make sure your connection remains as you complete the transaction. Also, your PayPal should have enough money to pay for your donation – check on that upfront.

What Is Online Payment Gateway Service Provider For Optifine?

Optifine has integrated payment gateway service providers. That means you can pay Optifine merchant accounts via other payment service providers other than PayPal. 

These include PaySafeCard, Prepaid Cards, UKash, E-wallets, Credit Card, and Bank Transfers, among others which depend on the Country/Region you are paying from.

By offering and accommodating many payment service providers, Optifine accommodates fans within every corner of the globe.


How Much Total Amount To Donate To Optifine?

$10 is the total amount to donate to Optifine. You can donate this amount via Credit Cards, Circkle K, Paysafecard, PayPal, CVS Pharmacy, MINT, Dollar General, and more.


You can donate to Optifine via PayPal by locating the donations page via the following link or by locating the tab to the page via the home or landing page.

PayPal is among several payment service providers that help you donate to Optifine.

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