How To Get A Cape With Optifine? 2 Ways To Get It In 2022

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Optifine capes make playing Minecraft more interesting. If you are lost as to how you can get one, here, you’ll get the answer, plus more helpful tips along with that.

How To Get A Cape With Optifine?

As a Minecraft player, you can get an Optifine Cape in two ways: one is by Donating to and the second is by getting one as a gift from a  Minecraft player with one they either donated to get or obtained as a gift.

1.) Donating To

Optifine only requires you to part with a $10 donation. Luckily, they also provide you with many options to remit the token.

Pro-tip: Right before pressing the send button, you may choose to make more customizations for your cape selection if you specify the banner or custom type.

2.) Get One Transferred/Gifted To You

If you want to transfer an Optifine cape to another player, you need your username and password. And the transaction requires valid authentication of the transfer via to move your cape.


How To Get A Custom Optifine Cape?

Optifine allows you to make tweaks to suit your tastes and preferences for the capes you donate for. To get the most out of your custom Optifine capes, click specifically the tabs on the custom or manner design type. Then proceed to make custom selections to suit your preferences. The payment for donating a custom OptiFine is made via Paymentwall, which allows every accessible payment option.

Are Optifine Capes Worth It?

Yes, Optifine Capes allow you to change character appearance. And some even allow you to access special equipment for your gaming experience. Everything held constant; the Optifine cape is worth it. All you require is to safeguard it is a safe email and password to help tweak settings.


You can get Optifine capes by donating to Optifine or receiving one from a fellow Minecraft player with them from

I hope that I’ve answered your question “How To Get A Cape With Optifine?” in the best way possible, but if still, you have any doubts left, make sure to drop them in the comments, and I’ll get back to you.

If you were helped via this article, then that was my ultimate intention, and if you are still new and want to learn more things about OptiFine, then you can head over here – Install Optifine a Complete Guide.

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