How To Install OptiFine in Minecraft? Complete Guide 2023 (Step-By-Step)

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Downloading OptiFine is honestly slightly tricky because you need to have an eye on the correct options when you install it! But I’ve done that for you! Follow my steps to get the best guide on ‘How to Install OptiFine’.

Even I have followed these steps and now I play Minecraft without any lag, my FPS is doubled and I’m able to play it smoothly!

Indeed this article is one of the simplest ways to install OptiFine with 2 methods, one is the normal way and another is with Forge!

OptiFine helps us to run Minecraft Game smoothly with high FPS and one of the beneficial features is that it has a zoom feature that is one of the finest characteristics of OptiFine.

Well, Without wasting any time let’s move on to our main topic.

Here’s a reference Table, of Contents in the article, which will help you if you are finding a specific topic!

How To Download & Install OptiFine In Minecraft

how to install optifine in minecraft
How To Install OptiFine In Minecraft

This method is basically without forge! So, if you are the one who is looking to download OptiFine With Forge then check out the second part of this article.

Moving on…

OptiFine will help you a lot in Minecraft after the installation in Minecraft your performance will improve drastically!

Approx. 75% of change you’ll definitely feel!

You’ll get to know once you install it!

I’ll teach you step-by-step about how to install OptiFine in Minecraft.

In fact, you can say that the below-mentioned guide is one of the simplest pieces of information to install OptiFine in Minecraft on the web.

Let’s get to the topic!

Download OptiFine

Well, this is quite simple just visit go the below ‘button link’ and install OptiFine.

You can refer to Step 1 which is mentioned below!

Let’s Install OptiFine in Minecraft Step-By-Step

Below mentioned steps will easily help you to install OptiFine! So, stick to these steps and don’t miss a single step!

Step 1: Download OptiFine

Well, here you need to install OptiFine on your computer. Now on the download page, you’ll be getting 2 options, and here’s the catch!

Click on the (mirror) anchored link because if you click on the Direct Download button, it will redirect you on a page where they’ll show you an advertisement for 5 seconds (which can be skipped) or something, and then later on you’ll be transferred to the actual download page!

Instead of that just go and click on (mirror) link! (Anyway it’s your choice, it was just a suggestion by me)

Now again click on the download button and OptiFine will be installed on your computer!

It is an approximately 5-6 MB file when you install it!

After the downloading process is complete you can go to Step 2.

Step 2: Open Optifne

So, now once the OptiFine is installed on your desktop, right-click on the download file, then open with Java(TM) Platform SE binary.

(Make sure you MOVE the downloaded file to the desktop)

Step 2 Open OptiFine

Now a small pop-up window will appear for Installation!

Click Install!

Step 3: Successfully Installed

Once clicked on the install button, again a mini bitsy alert popup will appear by expressing ‘OptiFine is successfully installed’.

Step 3 Successfully Installed

Step 4: Open Minecraft Launcher

So, Step 4 is about launching the Minecraft! Once the OptiFine is successfully installed, click on the Minecraft Launcher on your desktop.

Step 4 Open Minecraft Launcher

And when Minecraft Opens up…

Step 5: Launch Options

Click on the Launch Options which is on the upper left corner of the window. If not able to get it to click on the three vertical lines ≡

Click on the Installation Tab!

Step 5 Launch Options

Step 6: Installation in Minecraft

Well, now go to Installations, + New Option, Type in the name of the installation that you want to Install!

I’m talking about OptiFine File that we installed just a few mins prior!

Select OptiFine and it’s the latest version from the drop-down box!

Name what you want to name, (But I’ll recommend you not to rename because that can be slightly tricky in the next step. So it’s better to let it be what it is!)


Now Click on the Create button!

Note: You should have the latest version of Minecraft 1.16  (As of in September) only then the OptiFine Mod will work. Plus if you have the official version then only this will work, it might not work in the modded version of Minecraft.

Step 7: Play with OptiFine

Now, come on the main window and select OptiFine to run as the main version and Enjoy!

If you are not getting this step then follow this!


In this way, you can Install and play Minecraft without forge! This was also a guide for ‘how to install OptiFine without forge’ I hope now that you got what you wanted!

Enjoy your game and now you can play it with more fun! As of now, you got more beautiful pixels and a smooth running game, use your creative brains, and build more!

You can configure OptiFine but OptiFine comes with the basic configuration then too you want to have the best configuration to enhance your gameplay, here’s a video, you can check it out!

Moving on to the second part of this article!

How To Install OptiFine With Forge?

So, welcome to the second section of this article! How to install OptiFine with Forge?

Well, the above method named ‘How To Install OptiFine Without Forge’ is also an easy option to go!

You can check that out too!

Coming back to this method!

Here’s a step-by-step process of installing Optifine with Forge in Minecraft Java Edition!

Step 1: Download OptiFine

Go to this link, and download the OptiFine Mod. Click on the mirror link and the download process will be complete in a few seconds because the OptiFine file is just about 5-6 MB.

(If you are facing any issues to download the OptiFine file then you can refer to the ‘Step 1’ in the first section which shows you how to install OptiFine with Image Graphics) 

Step 2: Forge Installation Process

Make sure you have Minecraft Forge Installed! Because in this process we are installing the OptiFine mod with forge.

If you are not able to Install Forge by yourself, I recommend you to read the information just below this line properly!

Let’s Install Forge!

Here’s a button link to Install Forge!

Forge File is approximately 6-7 MB and once it is installed move the Forge file to Desktop.

I would recommend you that having Minecraft’s, Optifine’s and Forge corresponding versions!

For Instance, if you are having Minecraft’s 1.16.3 then it’s good to have 1.16.3 version of OptiFine & Forge.

(Make sure you have Forge and OptiFine’s Latest Version)

Have the Forge and OptiFine File on your Desktop screen.

Step 3: Install Forge

Now as the Forge file is on desktop, open with Java(TM) Platform SE binary’. Make sure it’s selected as Install Client, ok, install it successfully.

Install Forge

If you are not having the Java then you get the FREE Java Software from the below button link listed! (If needed)

Open the Minecraft Launcher and go to Launch Options, and click that above facing arrow beside the “Play” Button!

You’ll see a ‘WARNING issue’ from Minecraft but no worries!

Plus, Forge Mod is displayed on the left in Minecraft Text!

Installing Forge in Minecraft

Done with Forge!

Let’s Install OptiFine!

Step 4: Install OptiFine in Minecraft with Forge

Now, this is a bit tricky and stay with me till the end!

Open the Minecraft App Data, you’ll get that in like this…

Following this path, you’ll definitely get the AppData of Minecraft where it is situated!

Step 4: Install OptiFine in Minecraft with Forge

Click on Minecraft Folder,

Open Mods Folder

Then click on the mods folder!

If you don’t have a mods folder, then in the AppData Folder of Minecraft right click create a new folder named ‘mods’

Now switch over the tabs and go to the desktop and copy the OptiFine file and paste it in the mods folder!

Sounds easy?

It’s not rocket science, you might have got it!

Copied the OptiFine file in the mods folder?

Step 5: Run OptiFine in Minecraft with Forge

Well, if you have done the above-mentioned things properly then you might not get stuck to this step!

Now click on Play and make sure Forge is selected!


Why To Install Optfine?

It is one of the best mods up till now for Minecraft. OptiFine Helps to make your game smoother and double’s the FPS. After installing OptiFine your game will run faster compared to the earlier one and you’ll enjoy it! (Thank god, this is one of my favorite mod for Minecraft)

There are many more features and in the below-listed question, I’ve mentioned all those Features!

What are the features of OptiFine?

So here are a few features that will help you in to run Minecraft smoother!

To know more about the features you can check out this page on the OptiFine’s Official siteHome OptiFine

FAQ Section

1. Where do you install OptiFine?

Well, you can download it from

2. How can I get better performance in Minecraft using Optifine?

3. I’m not able to Install OptiFine in Minecraft?

4. Is Forge compulsory to Download?

Last Words

I hope that you are now cleared with ‘How to install OptiFine’! I’m glad that you were helpful.

I have mentioned both the ways above:

  1. How to install OptiFine with Forge?
  2. how to install OptiFine without Forge?

The people who are looking for any of these methods, I’ve mentioned both of them in the above-listed article!

I hope that this piece of content to download OptiFine in 2023, has helped you!

Have a nice day ahead!


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