How To Install Optifine On Minecraft Windows 10 Edition?

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Optifine is probably the best and recognizable Minecraft Optimization mode out there. Are you looking for a detailed guide on how you can easily download and install Optifine on windows 10? This article will guide you through the entire process. 

With the installation of this mod comes to access to a multitude of fantastic gaming features. Optifine enhances performance and graphics while upgrading your gaming experience at Minecraft.

What Is Optifine & Is it Really Helpful?

Optifine is one of the Minecraft mods. Although its invention was for performance turning for Minecraft on windows, the mod’s settings increased with time to provide incredible features and graphic enhancement.

Minecraft has a surging reputation among gamers globally, but you may experience low FPS and lags, which Optifine tries to solve. With advanced performance optimization, this mod allows smooth gameplay and no lags in your Minecraft ventures.

This indispensable mod is standalone, meaning that you can install the mode whether Minecraft is modified or unmodified. Among some of the incredible graphics that Optifine provides you access to are:

How to Install Optifine on Minecraft Windows 10 Edition (8 Easy Steps)

To download and install Optifine on windows in Minecraft, you need the latest version of Minecraft. Updating to the newest version guarantees the compatibility of Optifine with Minefield. Prior installation of Minefield and Java are the requirements before starting the download process.

Downloading and installing Optifine is a straightforward process. Follow the guide below to help you through the whole process:

1. Download Optifine

To safely download Optifine, go to the official Optifine Link; Downloading this mod from the official link ensures the mod is 100% safe from computer viruses. Download OptiFine HD U G5.

You may get an ad when downloading; hit the “skip” feature and select “download again.” Note that the latest Optifine version is 1.16.5

Step 1 Download OptiFine

If you are confused about how to download Optifine, you can refer to this picture guide – How To Install OptiFine in Minecraft? Complete Guide (Step-by-Step)

2. Open The Downloaded Optifine File

You can easily open the file you have downloaded by double-clicking on it. Thus, launching a page on your PC (OptiFine HD G5 for Minecraft 1.16.4).

3. Install Optifine

At the bottom of the page, you will see three commands; install, extract and cancel. The next step is to click on the install button to add Optifine to the default folder.

4. Wait until the Installation Process is Complete

The installation of Optifine only takes a few seconds. After it is complete, a prompt will appear on your screen notifying you that the installation is successful. Click “ok”

5. Open Minecraft

After successfully downloading and installing Optifine, open Minecraft; the game will not automatically load with Optifine; you will have to make a few more steps.

6. Click on the arrow icon next to the “Play” button

On the top left corner of the Minecraft launcher, there is an arrow icon on the “Play” feature’s left. Click on the icon.

7. Select Optifine

Clicking on the arrow icon displays a dropdown menu. Look for a version with the title “Optifine” from the menu and select it. You can now play Minecraft with the Optifine optimization mod on Windows 10.

8. Click on the “Play” button

After selecting the right Optifine version from the dropdown menu, hit the “play” feature and enjoy Minecraft with Optifine mod.

These steps will help you download and install Optifine and unlock a new Minecraft gaming experience. If you want to play a Minecraft version without Optifine, click on the arrow icon at the top-left of your screen and select a version without Optifine. 

Is Optifine Mod Safe For My Windows 10 PC?

Optifine is safe and secure; it is 100% free from viruses. Nevertheless, ensure that you download it from the official website. When downloading it from chrome, the browser may alert you that “this file may harm your computer.” 

Note that Optifine is a .jar file; viruses are mostly known to spread through this file, and chrome is cautious about downloading files from this source. But, as long as you download this mod from the official link, you need not worry. 


Is Optifine a MineCraft Mod?

Yes, Optifine is one of the mods on Minecraft. This optimization mod helps performance turning on Minecraft windows 10 and provides realistic and enhanced graphics with its numerous settings.

Do I need to pay for the Optifine mod?

No, the Optifine optimization mod is 100% free, allowing Minecraft access to better performance and appearance at no cost.

Does Optifine come with shaders?

Yes, Optifine comes with many preinstalled shaders. Nevertheless, you can also decide to install BSL, Nostalgia, or any other shaders of your choice. 


Optifine is an indispensable mod among the Minecraft community. It not only increases the performance of the game but also adds numerous Minecraft gaming features. Besides, this mod provides you with advanced graphics.

For the best gaming experience, Optifine is a must-install mod for any Minecraft lover. Get a whole new Minecraft experience by downloading and installing Optifine!

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