How To Open Optifine With Java? (Easy)

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Want to know how to open Optifine with Java? Are you confused about how to open it in macOS or Windows?

Below, I’ve mentioned both the methods to open Optifine with Java for Windows and Mac Operating Systems.

How To Open Optifine With Java?

First, download Optifine, and open up the Optifine Installer. Next, right-click on the downloaded file and select “Open With,” and choose “Java(TM) Platform SE binary.” A pop-up box will come up to Install Optifine via Java, click on “Install.”

Opening your Optifine with Java may present challenging situations for different Operating systems. 

Both macOS and Windows have an auto-installation module bundled in the installer. Linux users have to install Java manually to play Minecraft via Optifine.

The point is that you can run the installer on Windows and macOS without manual installation of Java.

Locating .jar Or Java Files Installation Folder/ Directory

To open Optifine with Java, you need to locate the directory or folder hosting the .jar files in the Minecraft files.

Windows OS path is for 64 bit PCs: Minecraft Launcher\runtime\jre-x64 and 32 bit PCs Minecraft Launcher\runtime\jre-x86 

MacOS path to folder is minecraft/runtime/jre-x64

Users who install Minecraft in default directories can also refer to the paths below:

Running The .jar Files To Invoke Java For Optifine

To invoke Java for Optifine, use the command-line interface and run the command: java -jar path/to/program.jar

Note: For PCs with manual installations of Java, the command will fail to locate the actual folder with .jar files. Therefore, the need to know the exact folder/directory paths comes in handy, as shown above.

For Mac, locate the terminal via /Applications/Utilities and enter the file path paying attention to characters like a backslash (\), which you must escape correctly. Be sure to surround the command with quotes.

For Windows OS, you must surround the command in quotes plus@ add -.jar to the command and maintain spaces after the hyphen and the last r.

If everything is alright, you should end up with the following paths, though they may vary slightly)

Once the Optifine installation window shows up, hit enter to complete the installation and proceed to play Minecraft.


Do You Need Java To Open Optifine?

Yes, Minecraft players need Java to play Minecraft via Optifine. The installation depends on the OS at hand. Windows and macOS users can install Java from the bundles’ directories of Optifine Installer download files.

Users of Linux have to install Java manually. It is handy to know the directory folders of Java where the .jar files reside to help with installations.

How Do I Use Optifine For Java?

Optifine for Java is a Module that enhances the experience for Minecraft players. Optifine downloads have a directory for the .jar files to install the Java modules you require.

After complete and proper installation, your Minecraft playing experience is enhanced, including graphics, fogging, and rendering distance.

What To Do If Optifine Is Not Opening With Java?

If Optifine fails to open with Java, here are two reliable options:

1. Reinstallation of Java. You’ll first need to uninstall and use a fresh download to help you eliminate some of the bugs.

2. Use a jarfix.exe software or program. It helps by re-fixing the association between your .jar files and the executable files (javaw.exe)


Optifine helps enhance the feel of Minecraft games, and it builds on the functionalities of the .jar or Java files. Knowing the locations and how to trigger installations of Java is a handy step towards optimizing the experience of a Minecraft player.

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