How To Stop Optifine From Crashing Minecraft

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Minecraft with Optifine can crash your computer or close the game due to various reasons, such as bugs, mod confilts, corrupt game files, an outdated graphics card drivers, and more. In this guide, we’ll explore several solutions to stop Optifine from crashing Minecraft and improve your gaming experience. 

This will even help you fix the “exit code 0.” crash that will commonly happen when you are trying to play Minecraft with Optifine.

How To Stop Optifine From Crashing Minecraft?

Here are a few ways to stop Optifine from crashing Minecraft:

  1. Update Optifine and Minecraft to the latest versions.
  2. Adjust Optifine settings.
  3. Restart or reboot your computer.
  4. Check for graphics card driver updates.
  5. Turn off VBOs for Minecraft.
  6. Allocate more RAM to Minecraft.
  7. Disable incompatible mods.

Below each of these methods are outlined in-depth with step-by-step guides on how to troubleshoot Optifine and Minecraft.

Method 1: Update Optifine and Minecraft

Outdated versions of Minecraft or Optifine may cause compatibility issues and crashes. To resolve this, ensure that you have the latest versions of both Minecraft and Optifine installed. Follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official Minecraft website to download and install the latest version of the game.
  2. Go to the Optifine download page and download the latest version compatible with your Minecraft installation.
  3. Install the updated version of Optifine using our complete Optifine installation guide.

Method 2: Adjust Optifine Settings

Some Optifine settings may cause conflicts with your system, leading to crashes. Try adjusting the following settings:

  1. Open Minecraft, go to ‘Options’ > ‘Video Settings’ > ‘Performance’.
  2. Disable ‘Smooth FPS’.
  3. Disable ‘Fast Render’.
  4. Save the changes and restart Minecraft.

Method 3: Restart or Reboot Your Computer

A simple restart can resolve many technical issues, including Minecraft crashes. Close the game and restart your computer before launching Minecraft again.

Method 4: Check for Graphics Card Driver Updates

Outdated graphics card drivers can cause Minecraft to crash. To fix this, update your graphics card driver manually or automatically:

  1. Visit the website of your graphics card manufacturer (e.g., NVIDIA or AMD) and download the latest driver compatible with your system.
  2. Install the driver following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  3. Restart your computer and launch Minecraft.

Method 5: Turn Off VBOs for Minecraft

Vertex Buffer Objects (VBOs) can cause crashes in some cases. To disable VBOs in Minecraft:

  1. Launch the game, go to ‘Options’ > ‘Video Settings’.
  2. Toggle ‘Use VBOs’ off.
  3. Save the changes and restart Minecraft.

Method 6: Allocate More RAM to Minecraft

Insufficient RAM allocation may cause Minecraft to crash, especially when using mods like Optifine. To allocate more RAM:

  1. Open the Minecraft launcher and click on ‘Installations’.
  2. Click the three-dot menu next to the desired installation and choose ‘Edit’.
  3. Click on ‘More Options’ and locate the ‘JVM Arguments’ section.
  4. Change the value after ‘-Xmx’ to increase the allocated RAM (e.g., ‘-Xmx4G’ for 4GB of RAM).
  5. Save the changes and launch Minecraft.

Method 7: Disable Incompatible Mods

Incompatible mods can cause crashes when used alongside Optifine. To identify and disable these mods:

  1. Remove all mods except Optifine from the ‘mods’ folder in your Minecraft directory.
  2. Launch the game and see if the issue persists.
  3. If the game runs without crashes, add the mods back one by one, restarting the game each time to identify the mod causing the problem.
  4. Once you’ve identified the problematic mod, check for updates or search for alternatives compatible with Optifine.

Additional Tips

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Optifine with other Minecraft mods?

Yes, Optifine is compatible with many Minecraft mods. However, some mods may conflict with Optifine, causing crashes or performance issues. Make sure the mods you’re using are compatible with Optifine, and always use the latest versions.

How do I update Optifine for Minecraft?

To update Optifine, visit the official Optifine website, download the latest version compatible with your Minecraft version, and follow the installation instructions provided on the website.

Will allocating more RAM to Minecraft improve performance with Optifine?

Allocating more RAM to Minecraft can improve performance, especially if you’re using mods like Optifine and have a higher render distance. However, allocating too much RAM can lead to performance issues, so it’s essential to find a balance.

Can I use Optifine with Minecraft on a low-end PC?

Yes, Optifine is designed to optimize Minecraft performance and can help improve gameplay on low-end PCs. Adjusting settings like render distance, graphics quality, and smooth lighting can help reduce lag and increase FPS.

How do I turn off VBOs in Minecraft?

To turn off VBOs in Minecraft, go to Options > Video Settings and toggle off the “Use VBOs” option. If you can’t access the game, you can also modify the options.txt file in the .minecraft folder and change the “useVbo” setting to “false.”

Does updating my graphics card driver improve Minecraft performance with Optifine?

Yes, updating your graphics card driver can improve Minecraft performance, as outdated drivers may cause compatibility issues with Optifine or lead to crashes. Regularly updating your graphics card driver ensures optimal performance and stability.


Crashes caused by Optifine in Minecraft can be frustrating, but the solutions listed above can help resolve the issue. Make sure to update Optifine and Minecraft, adjust settings, update your graphics card driver, allocate more RAM, and disable incompatible mods. With these fixes, you can enjoy a smoother and more stable Minecraft gaming experience.


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