How To Zoom With Optifine In Minecraft?

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Want to know how to zoom with Optifine in Minecraft? Well, it’s pretty easy and I’ve mentioned 2 easy ways to zoom in on your Minecraft game below.

How To Zoom With Optifine In Minecraft? (2 Ways)

Zooming in Minecraft allows you to choose to play preferences precisely: How wide or far you want to see.

Here, we will go through two ways to zoom in with Optifine while playing your Minecraft. Also, there’s a bonus tip for players on the Bedrock version under Windows 10.

2 Ways To Zoom With Optifine In Minecraft

One: Zooming Via FOV Settings

  1. Click on Pause and look for the menu on Options and Click on it.
  2. You’ll see the FOV settings – set to default at 70%
  3. Slide the FOV value to 30%, and your zoom-in Optifine will allow you to see the farthest.

The opposite – increasing the FOV number allows you to see wider but with a lesser focus on distant objects.

Two: Zooming Using An Optifine Module (Optifine For Java)

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  1. Go to Downloads via
  2. Select a module to download. Ensure it corresponds to the Minecraft version of the game you are playing.

Note: If you have not installed Java, please ensure it’s in place as the installation and proper functioning of Optifine Modules rely on it.

  1. After running and completing the installation of the Optifine module, launch your Minecraft game.
  2. While launching, you require to see that it runs on the latest release of Optifine versions. Locate the options at the button left of your interface to confirm. Select the Optifine version or change it to the latest release.
  3. By default, zooming in Minecraft using Optifine modules is set by pressing the C key.
  4. You may want to change from using the hotkey C, and you do that by going to the options and following through the options to the Controls tab. On the controls window, scroll downwards to the miscellaneous section and locate the last entry for zooming.
  5. Set the key you prefer for Zooming other than C.

FOV Changer For Bedrock Versions

There’s a new way to play around with zoom preferences for players running the Minecraft bedrock version.

  1. Go to and locate the Windows FOV changer for Windows 10.
  2. Click on the tab marked – Download directly to grab the Zip folder.
  3. Proceed to unzip the files. Users may get an alert but should allow the exception. The FOV changer works only if Bedrock is already running.
  4. Once Bedrock is running, launch the FOV changer app.
  5. On the left of the panel, check on the start button, and you’ll get five green check-marks as confirmation that Bedrock is already running.
  6. Press the V key. It activates the FOV changer by default.
  7. You can make any changes to the default hotkey V can by going to the features and specifying another key of preference under the FOV choices tab.


How To Change Optifine Zoom Key?

Go to the controls menu in your game, and from there, you’ll be able to change the Optifine zoom key.


Zooming with Optifine depends on the options at hand. Players can use FOV settings or download and install Optifine for Java. Players of the bedrock versions can access a GitHub version compatible with Windows 10.


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